Cool Connection

There’s a good reason Prometheus is on the menu at Marie Rausch’s bar-restaurant, for she created the exquisite gin cocktail herself. The award-winning mixologist, named Falstaff’s barmaid of the year 2019, runs Rotkehlchen in Münster with her husband Nicklas.

What do you like about the Prometheus tumblers?

Everything. Firstly, the size: simply perfect for highballs. Then there’s the finely crafted relief of a face, which gives them a changeable, protean character. You can also immediately feel the quality, thanks to the weight and matt texture. That’s what makes porcelain in general so attractive. It’s elegant and has this unique consistency. It brings a completely new taste to the palate, especially when the inside of the tumbler is gold-plated. Serving cocktails in porcelain is still uncommon, so it’s a way for us to surprise our guests and create a real highlight.

What brought you and SIEGER together?

When I was preparing for the European finals of the Diplomático World Tournament in 2017, I’d already thought up my cocktail but was still looking for a suitable vessel to serve it in. While I was browsing through different options, the Sip of Gold champagne tumbler caught my eye; it was exactly what I needed for the competition. When I reached the world finals, I got in touch with SIEGER.

Which SIEGER pieces do you have in your restaurant?

Various tumblers, like Sip of Gold and Prometheus, plus plates, bowls and cups. One real highlight is the Faces cooler, which we use as a flower vase.

What do you think makes the collections special?

That there’s always something new to discover, some new use to which they can be put. Although there’s a distinctive style that runs through all the collections, SIEGER is constantly reinventing itself. The various models of the Sip of Gold tumblers alone offer so many opportunities to be creative. They can be used pure and unadulterated, all by themselves, or you can decorate them to create a completely different look.

How did you come up with the Prometheus cocktail?

Christian [Sieger] asked me to create an easy-to-mix highball cocktail. It needed to be a genuine all-rounder that was equally appealing to both women and men. The special thing about it is the combination of flavours: light and fruity with a subtle bitterness from the tonic, and a fine note of gin. Optionally with a float that intermingles cognac with the blackberry flavours. The Prometheus isn’t overly exclusive, all the ingredients are easy to buy, and yet you’ll never have had anything like it before.

Do you like it yourself?

Of course, very much. That’s why it’s on our menu now.

How do you go about designing a new drink?

I’m a curious person by nature. I enjoy working with unusual products, and take a variety of approaches to designing my cocktails. Some express feelings, inspired by music, landscapes or special moments. Many new creations are based around a story that I want to capture. And to tell these stories, I of course need the right vessel to serve the drink in.

What do you like to drink yourself?

That depends on the season, my feelings and how the day is going. I don’t have a favourite drink but I tend to like honest spirits like tequila or mezcal that are made with a close connection to nature.

Do you ever receive feedback from your customers?

Yes, our customers are always very surprised and can tell right away that they’ve picked a truly unique drink. A lot of the time, they will then immediately share the first pictures on social media, which of course makes us doubly pleased.

About Marie Rausch

Marie Rausch began her career at the age of 16 with an apprenticeship at the Astoria Hotel in Berlin. After training in bar work, reading countless books about cocktails and completing plenty more practical tests, she was discovered by TV chef Stefan Marquard. Under his tutelage, she became deputy manager at his restaurant in Munich and chief bar manager at the Bavarian Yacht Club, where she met her husband Nicklas. Since 2012, the couple have been running the Rotkehlchen restaurant in Münster together.

Extract from her awards

  • Rolling Pin Mixologist of the year 2022
  • Falstaff’s “barmaid of the year”, 2019
  • Member of the jury at the “Mixology Bar Awards”, 2019
  • Longlist-nomination at the “Mixology Bar Awards”, 2018
  • One of Campari’s six “Red Hands”, the specially picked team of bartenders for the global Red Diaries campaign, including a cameo appearance in the short film The Legend of Red Hand with actor Zoe Saldana, 2018
  • First place in the German finale of the “Diplomático World Tournament”, 2017
  • Sixth place in the worldwide finale of the “Diplomático World Tournament”, 2017
  • First place “Forgotten Cocktail Competition” by Campari, 2016
  • Nomination for the “Fizzz Award” in the category “best team”, 2013
  • Second place “Licor 43 Cocktail Competition”, 2011