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Welcome to our online presentation about this very special partnership. We’ve teamed up with aesthetics doctor Dr. Barbara Sturm to support and raise awareness of nature conservation with the special-edition tumbler Precious Companions from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG. With every purchase, 10% will be donated to the wildlife rescue organization National Park Rescue.


Our world is enriched by animals in all their unique and precious forms and varieties. It brings us joy to catch a glimpse of them out in the wild, and we appreciate the vital contribution they make to our natural world. Thanks to our new porcelain tumbler, Precious Companions, they can now enrich people’s lives at home too. Each unique, handcrafted tumbler is adorned with elephants, bees, turtles, and rabbits, elegantly illustrating the beauty and diversity of animal species.



The freshly minted partnership represents a step in a new direction for our SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG brand. It’s the first time we have developed a design based on an external partner’s wishes and ideas. Dr. Barbara Sturm made an international name for herself with her anti-inflammatory skincare philosophy and her non-surgical, anti-aging skin treatments. “What we have here are two brands coming together that both have roots in Germany and that both share the same exacting quality standards,” says Michael.


“When I was asked to do a collaboration with SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG, I was intrigued because I love interior design and collecting china, especially anything with animal motifs. These tumblers are beautiful and something everyone would love to have in their home. I chose to create them with animals that are especially endangered. We need to bring awareness to the destruction of wildlife with our voices and our support, so we have also chosen to donate 10 % of the sales of the tumblers to the National Park Rescue.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm


The elephant is a Buddhist symbol signifying good luck and happiness as well as vitality and the majestic animal stands for strength, power, peace and wisdom. Sadly, poachers kill about 20,000 elephants every single year for their tusks, which has led to a steep decline in numbers and a risk of extinction. Humankind needs to protect the elephant in order to secure its survival.


The turtle was chosen to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the marine environment, which is the cause of many animals dying due to eating or being caught in plastic waste. In addition, the plastic pollution also results in damage to the environment and the health of all organisms. Dr. Sturm hopes to inspire people to take action in preserving animal wildlife and our planet.


The rabbit is very important to both Dr. Sturm and her brand as sadly, it is one of the most commonly used animals in cosmetics testing – 170,000 rabbits will be killed in U.S. laboratories this year solely for this purpose. Dr. Sturm’s Molecular Cosmetics collection is completely cruelty-free. Her company never tests on any animals, and wants to bring attention to the fact that doing so is not only cruel but absolutely unnecessary. Brands have no reason to test on animals in order to make a profit.


Life on earth would not be possible without bees, as they play a part in every aspect of the ecosystem, pollinating the plants needed for a stable, healthy food supply. It’s vital that we raise awareness to their decline and importance in nature and that we do everything we can to protect the bee population to enable it to strive again.


Human activity threatens our planet’s biodiversity, with over a million plant and animal species now classed as endangered. Precious Companions is intended to make a small contribution to tackling a big challenge.

Each tumbler that is sold helps to support the animal rescue organization National Park Rescue, which protects national parks and the animals who live there in their natural habitats, and operates strategically targeted projects to ensure their long-term survival.



“We need to rethink our consumer habits and bring them into harmony with our earth and the creatures that inhabit it, otherwise we’ll see even more severe consequences of our actions than those we’re already witnessing in our day-to-day lives.”

Christian Sieger