Two brothers, one brand. The name SIEGER is no marketing idea. Behind it are Michael and Christian Sieger, two people who are linked by both professional and family ties. How does their partnership work? They complement each other perfectly, with each one playing an indispensible part.


Even in his schooldays, the creative mind behind SIEGER, had already developed a true passion for and dedication to a career as a designer. Over the years, this allowed him to become successfully self-taught in many design disciplines. While studying, he already held sole responsibility for various projects at the family company sieger design, and gained experience that played a decisive part in his development as a creative who has since won numerous international awards. His drive to achieve perfection and an absolutely harmonious result, his sensitivity to every last detail and his intuitive feel for global trends and long-term developments are evident.


Christian Sieger shares his brother’s exacting aesthetic standards. However, his line of work isn’t design but professional marketing. He carried out his first PR and design projects while he studied business at university and obtained a wealth of international work experience. In his mid-20s, he brought the knowledge and experience he had acquired to the family company sieger design and initiated a long-term expansion of the marketing and public relations department. Why? Well, as Christian Sieger pointedly puts it, “Who’s going to be interested in something that nobody sees?”. As manager and marketing director, he represents the brand to the outside world. He attends trade fairs, and is a popular face at international symposia and conferences.