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As a premium brand, SIEGER is well known for its exclusive partnerships. Exquisite craftmanship is paired with SIEGER’s often highly unconventional ideas and designs. The team designs beautiful yet functional objects “that are so special they become everyday companions,” explains Michael – objects that embody what he calls “the good life”.

The founders of the Hamburg-based bags label Souleway share the same commitment to high-quality materials and manufacturing. Their stylish, timeless collections are made in Germany. All aspects of the production process contribute to a high level of sustainability. “But our number one priority is to make sure every single bag is of truly exceptional quality,” explains Souleway founder Hagen Streit.

This painstaking attention to detail is something both brands have in common. You can feel it in the exceptional German craftsmanship, and witness it in the extravagant designs of our first joint bags collection: life-affirming and smart. We are delighted to unveil our new partnership: SIEGER by Souleway.

Look forward to further information and impressions shortly. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your enquiries:


Handmade in Germany

“What does durability mean to us? It means people get many years’ enjoyment from their high-quality bags. We therefore see it as a crucial factor for increasing sustainability,” says Souleway founder Flemming Kühl. Another factor that makes the collections more sustainable is the efficient use of materials in the manufacturing process: for instance, the sewing patterns are arranged in a way that keeps waste to a minimum. To prevent overproduction, the bags are made in small, smart batches. These steps ensure the production is responsible and environmentally friendly.

The bags are handmade in Hamburg at a studio located right next to the Souleway offices, by a multinational team who enjoy fair working conditions. Because the two companies are so close together, it’s just a few minutes’ walk to discuss details in person or inspect the production process. The locally based production also means products only have to be transported a short distance to the main sales markets, which reduces carbon emissions. All these things mean the collections are not just “handmade in Germany”, but produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

The materials used for the bags, like the canvas fabric, are sourced from Turkey. The canvas is made of 100% natural cotton, which is individually handwoven and printed for SIEGER by Souleway. The material is extremely robust, easy to clean and natural. By contrast with standard manufacturing, the canvas is impregnated using a PFC-free method and treated with a water-repellent substance that is certified in line with the bluesign®, GOTS and Oeko-Tex® standards, which means it is free of harmful substances.